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How it Works


We provide our network owners with a "turn-key" platform that is free of charge to the operators of the broadcasting networks.  Each network come with built-in synchronization licensing and live broadcastiong licensing that serves as the framework for their custom broadcasting network.  Their networks can operate from a subdomain of their existing URL, or they can be configured to a completely separate URL.  Networks are connected to a database of more than 14,000,000 musical compositions, which allow for the rapid uploading and display of on-demand videos, and of course, unlimited live broadcasting.  Because licensing costs are paid as part of revenue sharing that is paid to the network owner and the music publishers from the sale of subscriptions, there is enormous flexibility for the network owner in what they are able to upload.  In turn, this provides a safe and convenient mechanism for outreach to patrons, supporters, parents, and students of all their ensemble based performances.  

If you are interested in having your own live and on-demand copyright and COPPA compliant broadcasting network or for more information, please click here.​
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