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The American Traditions Vocal Competition chooses SBN

American Traditions Vocal Competition


celebrates and preserves all styles of classic American music. The 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization promotes these songs by producing an annual vocal competition in Savannah, Georgia, that awards over $35,000 in cash prizes. As part of community-driven service and initiative, the organization provides musical education, exposure and performances for Savannah locals of all ages.


The American Traditions Vocal Competition was born of the desire to foster and preserve traditions of musical expression, which have been significant in the culture of the United States, both in past eras and at the present time. In contrast to many music competitions that focus on European repertoire, the American Traditions Competition celebrates the repertoire that represents both the art and the popular cultures of our country.

The Competition embraces and recognizes the validity of the many performance styles that emanate from this repertoire. It subscribes to belief that, although some of the styles were born in an environment of spontaneous expression and at one time or another enjoyed widespread popularity, these musical forms evolved to incorporate identifiable characteristics of excellence and artistic integrity. These qualities form the basis of adjudication in the American Traditions Vocal Competition.

It is hoped that the Competition will foster heightened appreciation for and celebration of these forms of musical expression, and that through this process, we will become more intensely aware of the fact that at the heart of our beauty and strength as a people is our diversity.

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